Having trouble with SuperSweep? First check out these troubleshooting tips and see if that helps.
If you still have problems, send us a note so we can help you figure it out.

I can’t get the SuperSweep_Biscuits & Davey folder to show up in my presets.

> Try reinstalling the software and make sure you are running a compatible version of Cinema 4D. Make sure you are installing the .lib4d file to the appropriate folder.

I see the folder, but there aren’t any presets.

> Try a fresh download of SuperSweep. The files may have been corrupted during download. After you have reinstalled a fresh download and are still not seeing the presets, make sure you are running a compatible version of Cinema 4D. Once you have followed these steps and still do not see the presets, go to for additional help.

I placed the presets in my scene, but every time I try to save it tells me the scene file is locked.

> Use the “Save As” command to save your scene file. The scene files for the presets are locked to make sure you don’t accidentally save over the originals.

When I switch from “Edit” to “Animate” my sweep disappears.

> The sweep will start reading it’s start and end via the Timeline and the Start Frame and End Frame you enter in the settings. Check your Timeline marker and the Start Frame and End Frame to see when your sweep will start and end it’s animation.

When I switch from “Animate” to “Edit” I can’t click and drag the Stroke Complete slider.

> Typically if you have issues clicking on the Stroke Complete slider, such as the slider not jumping to where you click, it is because you have made adjustments to the Animation Curve. Because the curve is now telling the slider where it needs to be, it will automatically jump to that spot on the slider. The best way to work with the Animation Curve once you have set it is to keep SuperSweep set to Animate and drag the Timeslider to make further adjustments.

SuperSweep runs painfully slow when I use Splines as objects.

> Make sure you turn down the Spline Subdivisions, sometimes you can set it to 0. Since a Spline is typically already subdivided to provide a very smooth curve, you don’t need to subdivide the object any further.

Why can’t I get to the structure of SuperSweep?

> We have added all the elements that create SuperSweep to a SuperSweep Layer and have hidden those elements to help keep your scene file clean. We also locked the layer to help prevent any accidental deletes or hierarchy changes. If you wish to dig into the hierarchy, simply open the Layer Manager and turn on the “Show In Managers” icon (looks like stacked bars) and unlock the layer. CAUTION: Biscuits & Davey is not liable for any breaks you cause in the software by altering the native state of SuperSweep. Make sure you have a backup copy of SuperSweep if you decide to alter the software’s native state. Please refer to the license agreement in regards to altering SuperSweep.

I’m having problems with the scene files for the After Effects pojects.

> Check the “Scene Files READ ME.txt” included with the project files. There it lists the required plugins and effects required to composite the projects. If you do not have the plugins or presets you can visit the related website to find out how to download/purchase those plugins.

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