Sweep NURBS generator for Cinema 4D.

SuperSweep makes creating and animating beautiful sweeps easier than ever. Built out of elements within Cinema 4D, SuperSweep integrates flawlessly into your scenes without the hiccups of traditional plugins.

Compatible with Cinema 4D R13, R14 and R15, Studio and Broadcast.

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The Details

Three is more than a crowd, it’s a sweep.

With three presets for SuperSweep, you’ll have all the right settings at your
fingertips. Each preset has unique user data to give you plenty of control for
different sweep shapes. Keep it simple, or go all out.


Simple but sexy. The Basic preset was
designed with simplicity in mind. Make quick work of beautifully animated sweeps with very little effort.


For the control freak in all of us.
The Custom preset gives you more
options to add custom shapes, rail splines and caps with more control.


We think type is special. The Text preset was designed with type in mind featuring a more specific setup keeping type simple yet smooth.

Built with Cinema 4D objects.

SuperSweep is created with objects already inside Cinema 4D. It is not a plugin,
but rather a set of objects assembled inside C4D to generate sweep NURBS. You can create
the sweep with any 3D object, null, cloner object, spline or lights within C4D.

Animate with ease.

How easy is it?

  • Edit your sweep to get it just right.
  • Set the start and end keyframes.
  • Select Animate mode and hit Play.

It even has a spline editor built in to control
the animation curve. Or you can simply set
traditional keyframes to adjust an animation
curve in the Timeline.

Watch, learn, play.

Get to work fast with the 10 minute intro to SuperSweep. Get to work later with
the full series of training tutorials made specifically for SuperSweep products.
You’ll get training on all three presets, plus additional tutorials utilizing each
type of sweep. As a bonus, all the tutorial scene files are included.
SuperSweep Training Page









What are you waiting for?

Choose your licensing option, checkout, and download SuperSweep instantly.
Try it, use it, love it. If you have trouble with SuperSweep, we are here
ready to answer your questons. Installation guides and troubleshooting tips
are also included to make sure you’re covered.

As a bonus, you’ll also get all the scene files from the SuperSweep tutorials.
You’ll be animating beautiful sweeps in no time. Enjoy!

Single User License

Single user? You get to install a copy on two machines so you can sweep your NURBS in the office or on the kitchen table. Updates are always free and the license never needs to be renewed.

[download at purchase]

Multi User License

Got a team? The multi-user license lets you install SuperSweep on up to 10 machines. Updates are always free and the license never needs to be renewed. Contact us for licensing on more than 10 machines.

[download at purchase]