In case you missed it, which I hope you didn’t, you need to watch Disney’s latest short, Paperman. The film is not only brilliantly written and directed, but opens a new path to creative movie making by blending traditional 2D animation techniques with 3D animation technology. Check out the breakdown on what make this film so uniquely Disney (ah-hem John Lasseter).

Top Tut Roundup

Every six months I will be grabbing the most popular tutorials and putting them together in one giant super post. Please feel free to replace the s- with a th- in super, it’s a thuper post, because we like to have fun. With that, I give you the top three posts from the first half of 2012.

1. That ‘Low-Poly’ Effect in Cinema 4D

There are a lot of tricks to this one. Remember that you can use a Mograph effector as a deformer and switch between point, polygon, and object modes. When you’re working with spheres don’t forget to uncheck render perfect. If you need some inspiration check out Timothy Reynolds’ Dribble page, he does all of his work manually and the textures and lighting really bring the illustrations home. Keep in mind the information on this blog will only take you so far. Make it yours, make it sexy.

2. Create a Tornado in Cinema 4D

This one is just really fun, and opens up a lot of possibilities for all around awesomeness in Mograph. Besides, who doesn’t love bright lights, lazerz, and illuminating frisbees that come back to you like a boomerang?! AM I RIGHT?! PEW PEW!

3. Rigging The Box Part One

So you’ve never rigged anything before? It can be an incredibly daunting and confusing task. We keep it simple with The Box. A quick rundown of adding joints, creating a joint chain, weighting the joints, and finally setting up Xpresso sliders to control the opening and closing of The Box. Brew a cup, take a break, and check out how to get a few rigging basics in the books.

Elbow Room

Ever wish you had just a little extra screen space? Well I can’t do anything magical about that so deal. I can, however, offer a little advice on how to use that screen space a little wiser. By placing your mouse in any window in Cinema 4D and pressing Control+Tab you can blow that window up to full screen, giving you a wonderful and glorious view of whatever it is you are working on. The two places I use this repeatedly are in the Viewport when modeling, and the Timeline Manager when animating. As an added bonus, once you have your keyboard shortcuts down, you don’t need any drop downs or tool bars to work at a blazing fast pace with a full screen view of your project. Enjoy!

Cinema 4D Release 14

Maxon announced the next version of our beloved animation powerhouse, Cinema 4D. The next version lists over 200 updates and improvements and updates. Take a minute and read through all the new features.

Here is the official video from Maxon:

I’ve been trying to keep up with all the videos and reviews and will add them to the list as they come up.

• Maxon’s press release
Cineversity has a series of new feature overviews.
Eyedesyn runs down his list of favorite new features
3D Kiwi at C4D Cafe has a number of videos ready for download.
Holger Biebrach’s Cinema 4D Blog
Rob Redman of Pariah Studios and Motioneers has not one but two video previews.
We Are Pitch Black

Let me know if you find something new and share it with us. Now start getting that budget worked over and get excited. R14 is almost here! Enjoy!


D = Desktop

We all tend to save stuff to our desktop from time to time but did you know when you’re working in the Content Browser, you can press D and it will open your desktop without having to click through all your incredibly well organized folders? It’s very handy if you tend to keep projects on the desktop. As an added bonus, did you know you can drag materials like JPEG’s, MOV’s, and other image/video files right into the material manager and Cinema 4D will create a new material for you!? It creates a new material with the image/video in the color channel saving you from having to load images manually. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for a new tutorial on loading and adding textures efficiently and effectively.