Bottle Light Rig Freebie

To celebrate NAB, we’ve got a great little freebie for you to use however you’d like. The bottle light rig is something I drummed up one day after seeing some great bottle renders. Just drag, drop and hit render or go further to adjust the brightness, color, shadow, position and size of each light and softbox. Another handy element is the ability to adjust the light samples so you can get a rough idea of what your object will look like before increasing the light samples for a final polished render. By default Global Illumination is turned off and was not used in the images below. The rig is setup to render just fine without it, but feel free to rip it apart and go nuts.

Download the Light Rig

Along with the freebie download, you’ll find a discount code for 40% off SuperSweep. Enjoy!

Wine Bottle Light Rig
Whiskey Bottle Light Rig
Cluster Light Rig

This rig is free to use on any personal or commercial project. You do not have to give credit, but you may not under any circumstance resell the light rig.