Cinema 4D Release 14

Maxon announced the next version of our beloved animation powerhouse, Cinema 4D. The next version lists over 200 updates and improvements and updates. Take a minute and read through all the new features.

Here is the official video from Maxon:

I’ve been trying to keep up with all the videos and reviews and will add them to the list as they come up.

• Maxon’s press release
Cineversity has a series of new feature overviews.
Eyedesyn runs down his list of favorite new features
3D Kiwi at C4D Cafe has a number of videos ready for download.
Holger Biebrach’s Cinema 4D Blog
Rob Redman of Pariah Studios and Motioneers has not one but two video previews.
We Are Pitch Black

Let me know if you find something new and share it with us. Now start getting that budget worked over and get excited. R14 is almost here! Enjoy!