D = Desktop

We all tend to save stuff to our desktop from time to time but did you know when you’re working in the Content Browser, you can press D and it will open your desktop without having to click through all your incredibly well organized folders? It’s very handy if you tend to keep projects on the desktop. As an added bonus, did you know you can drag materials like JPEG’s, MOV’s, and other image/video files right into the material manager and Cinema 4D will create a new material for you!? It creates a new material with the image/video in the color channel saving you from having to load images manually. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for a new tutorial on loading and adding textures efficiently and effectively.


3 thoughts on “D = Desktop

    1. Biscuits and Davey Post author

      Are you dropping it into the Material Manager from the Content Browser within Cinema or the Finder Window? Dropping it from your Finder Window (Mac) or Explorer Window (PC) into Cinema 4D will open the image in the Picture Viewer.