The Flipbook Debacle

In one of my previous tutorials, I gave a rundown of how to get started adding textures to the Flipbook. By the end of the tutorial we were well on our way to getting it nailed down, but I left it open ended and asked if any of you had some better ideas on how to achieve the effect. I was actually shocked at the number of emails and responses I received as well as the number of different ways all of you had figured out how to apply the textures. I have wrangled the two solutions I found the most helpful and wanted to share them with you so you can learn how to make it happen. I have included the twitter handles so you can go follow these folks and stay in the game. Enjoy!

“How about… Having the clones all set up from 0 to 100 of the spline.. And then instead of animating the count and the end, you add a plain effector, set scale -1 and animate a linear falloff moving through the planes?”

NOTE: If you use this technique you don’t have to use the Xpresso set up, but when you add the Plain effector you have to scale down your linear falloff so the planes jump from Scale -1 to Scale +1.

Ben posted his solution via Vimeo.