N is for Display Mode

If you have a habit of making scenes so intense they slow down your graphics card, try changing up the display mode. By default, Cinema 4D’s display mode in the viewport is set to Gouraud Shading. Unfortunately it’s the most processor heavy setting and will slow you down if you’re not too careful. In cases where you have been able to completely obliterate your computer, you’ll notice that C4D tries to resolve this automatically during playback by changing the display mode for you. You can avoid all of that by swapping your display mode in the viewport toolbar, or just press N followed by these options:

A … Gouraud Shading
B … Gouraud Shading (Lines)
C … Quick Shading
D … Quick Shading (Lines)
E … Constant Shading
F … Hidden Line
G … Lines
H … Wireframe
I … Isoparms
K … Box
L … Skeleton
O … Display Tags
P … Backface Culling
Q … Textures
R … X-Ray

Take a minute and figure out which ones you prefer and engrave them into your workflow so you can work faster and better. Enjoy!

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