Adding Textures to the Flipbook

I recently had a wave of emails and questions about how I managed to get the materials on the planes in the Flipbook tutorial I posted back in February. Many of you were asking about how I added the materials to the planes in After Effects, but I actually did it right inside of Cinema 4D. I’ll show you how I added the materials, then how to do it without the Planesmart plugin using Mograph effectors. Also, here is a rundown from Mike the Monkey and how he used the Planesmart plugin and where I first learned about it’s wonderful capabilities. Take a look at the original result, along with the inspiration from Imaginary Forces.

Biscuits and Davey’s example

Imaginary Forces “Tropicana Flipbook”

NOTE: In case you want to know how to finish off the effect without the Planesmart plugin, be sure to follow Biscuits and Davey on Twitter where I’ll be dropping hints and clues throughout the day along with an exclusive look at the result this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Adding Textures to the Flipbook

  1. Ray

    tried multi shader with settings color brightness but does not work by itself, added extra mat with just plain dark grey color on the cloner and it render with multiple images. tried around 10 images. still using 11.5 broadcast. thanks for some great Tuts!