Timeline Shortcuts = Efficiency

Cinema 4D has an incredibly well designed and easy to use Timeline Manager. Everything you need is always a keystroke away to make adjusting keyframes fast and very manageable. By default your keyframes will easy ease in and out of one another, but that’s not always what you want them to do! When you’re in the Timeline Manager press T along with one of these options, listed in the pop-up box, for setting any selected keyframes:

1 – Auto Tangents
2 – Break Tangents
3 – Zero Angle
4 – Zero Length
5 – Clamp
6 – Linear
7 – Step
8 – Soft
9 – Easy Ease
I – Ease In
O – Ease Out

Take note that Ease In and Ease Out are the letters I and O, not the numbers One and Zero. Practice using this and get used to what each one does and how it affects your keyframes. Enjoy!

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