Rigging The Box Part One

You asked for it so here it is! This one includes a few modeling tips all the way up to skinning and weighting the box with a joint system. There are so many attributes to the character tools but I figure this is a great start for anyone wanting to learn a few basics and get started. If you have any trouble, especially when it comes to weighting the vertices of the box, let us know in the comments.

Feel free to download the free box model to follow along and see how it was made.

Part two will dive into the world of Xpresso creating user data setups, some light C.O.F.F.E.E. scripting and loads of range mappers! Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Rigging The Box Part One

  1. Michael

    Hi,thank you very much.
    Very good explanation of joints and weights.
    I´m a beginner in C4D and that helps me a lot.

  2. JB101

    Thank you!!!

    Fantastic tutorial. I *finally* get joints and how to make things move. Brilliantly explained and easy to follow along. Thanks so much!

  3. Nik

    I got 2 problems. 1st – I open your model and no custom controls work, I slide the sliders but the won’t do anything.
    2nd – when using Weight tool, it doesn’t work like in your tut, it simply ignores some polygons, and I can’t unpaint them or vice versa no matter how hard I try.

    C4D R13

  4. Todd

    This is an excellent tutorial however one thing I got stuck on was entering the code in COFFEE… the video is too low res to copy it accurately. also i wasnt sure what the outputs were. My box has 23 joins so its pretty tricky to translate at this point from yours.
    can you help?

  5. Minna Etsalo

    Hi! Is this tutorial still valid, I’m using C4D R16… This is exactky what I’m trying to model, like _exactly_ 🙂