Free Model: “The Box”

“WHAT’S IN THE BOOOOX?!” Here is a free rigged box for you to play in over the weekend. Next week I will be starting a series of tutorials on the Layer Browser and will use this model as an example of how everything works. You can see from the image below that it is controlled through a simple Xpresso setup and User Data.

Go ahead and play around with the Layer Browser and get a head start, it’s all ready for you to play! Feel free to make it into an airplane, spaceship or time machine, just be sure you share with the rest of us. The model is currently only available for R12 and up.

Download “The Box”
Creative Commons License
The Box by Biscuits and Davey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

6 thoughts on “Free Model: “The Box”

  1. craig

    can you show us how to make the box with xpresso? i would love to use this technique with some packaging i have to make. it could make life alot easier.



  2. mexi

    Thanks once again bro…..model really came in handy…although there’s still the problem of rigging it…expresso really isn’t my forte…a tutorial would be a life saver…thanks

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