Troubleshooting Low-Poly Spheres

Yesterday I talked about how to get that low-poly effect but a few of you emailed me questions as to why the Sphere Object was not rendering in low-poly, even after you followed all of the directions. One option is to make the sphere editable, however, there is a setting on the Sphere Object called Render Perfect. This setting renders the sphere, no matter how few polygons or subdivisions, as a perfect sphere. Even with your Phong Tag set to zero, or removed completely, it will still render perfect spheres. Simply uncheck that box and you will be good to go without having to make your sphere editable. Here is an example of how it works.

Here I use an icosahedron sphere and a standard sphere. You can see that the Render Perfect box is still checked.

Here is what it looks like in the viewport after you have dropped the Phong Angle to 0 degrees but still have render perfect checked. It looks like you have achieved the effect!

However, the frustration sets in when you go to render and this is the result:

Just uncheck the Render Perfect box and your render will be the same as what you see in your viewport.

Please feel free to shot me an email or comment on any tutorial if you get stuck or run into a roadblock. Enjoy!

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