Coordinate Manager + (Math)

Did you know you can use the Coordinate Manager in Cinema 4D to apply changes to your 3D model without fumbling around in the viewport? Did you also know that you can apply formulas anywhere Cinema 4D accepts a value, e.g. the Attributes Manager?

Cinema 4D has a parser which enables you to include mathematical operators. For example, you can append +100 to an existing position value. The active element will then move 100 units relative to its initial position.

This comes in extremely helpful when you want to move an object up, down, left, or right relative to another object or to the world coordinates. Also when doing very technical modeling and need to convert units from say, Meters to Centimeters. Yeah, it can do that too!

You can download a larger version of this JPEG so you have the list of all the operators, functions, units and constants that Cinema 4D can read and solve. Remember to use your brackets, parenthesis and semicolons for accurate results.