NI Mate for Cinema 4D

Delicode, creators of NI Mate, have launched it’s latest plug-in using the XBox Kinect for Cinema 4D. With a simple install and easy to understand and use interface, you can be generating some great motion capture by the end of the day and making your rigged characters mimic your every move.

I went ahead and picked up a Kinect and was playing around with the live motion capture as well as creating dynamic objects that react and interact with the captured data. After just a few hours of playtime I can say that if you want to start getting into motion capture then this is the way to go. One thing that should never be overlooked is performance. I will get the details later but I was able to run the plug-in on my dual core laptop and 12 core desktop and didn’t notice any difference in speed and accuracy, even though my laptop processor was about to explode. Over the next few weeks I will get some posts going on how everything works and what I am able to come up with. Until then, go explore it for yourself and get moving!

Delicode NI Mate Download
Cinema 4D Plug-in for NI Mate