Flipbook with Mograph and Xpresso

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to create Imaginary Forces’ “Tropicana Flipbook” animation. It is a quick and easy setup using Mograph and Xpresso.

Below you will see the example that I created and the piece from Imaginary Forces. To save time on the tutorial we won’t focus very much on a finished product and only look at how to setup the animation. It is up to you to take it from there and share what you can come up with!

Biscuits and Davey’s example

Imaginary Forces “Tropicana Flipbook”

NOTE: I noticed this while publishing the tutorial that the screen capture zooms in at spots. That was not intentional and you won’t miss anything while it’s zoomed.

8 thoughts on “Flipbook with Mograph and Xpresso

  1. Eric

    Great tutorial. I see the Xpresso link being useful for a ton of other scenarios. I cant figure out the texture aspect though. Did you use the shader effector?

    1. Ssi

      Im still having probelms with this .aec file thing. Why did it look like Nick had an .aep file to just click and open up?i did all the settings right and even tried twice. I only get an .aec, I went to the maxon site but didn’t see any C4D R12 to CS4 so just got the 11.5 to cs3/4. Obviously that has to be my issue right? I tried going to project open and its greyed out so I cant even select the .aec file and tried file import and it does nothing after clicking the file. Anyone can further help?C4D R12 & AECS4

  2. Ben

    This looks great but my stumbling block is the Textures, i guess Ssi had the same issue, can you give me a quick run down of the secret there i guess from your messages it in AE but can’t work the last bit bit out.
    Hope you can help,

    1. Biscuits and Davey Post author

      The textures are actually being applied in Cinema 4D with the Planesmart plugin available through Cineversity.com. You could also use the Multi-Shader to apply the materials to the cloner. If you still need some help then let me know and I can put together a tutorial for you.

      1. Ben

        Multi-Shader was the point i needed, thanks! and i see you’ve also uploaded a tutorial (just about to take a look at it), sorry it took so long for a reply, bunch of things just got int he way. any way ill send you a link to the finished piece if you’re interested

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