Vimeo Introduces Music Store

Yesterday Vimeo announced it’s latest addition to their already impressive lineup of resources for video professionals and hobbyists. The new Vimeo Music Store features high quality music for you to use in your videos, including free music issued under the Creative Commons, $1.99 Personal License, and a $98.00 Commercial License. The entire library currently contains about 45,000 tracks with an incredibly intuitive interface for searching for the perfect sound including mood, genre, tempo, themes, and instruments.

I will admit that I spent about an hour just playing around with the search to see how accurate it was, and I am pleased to say that I can find anything for any mood or theme insanely fast. Being a motion graphics designer, I am thrilled that I can use beats per minute as one of my search parameters. That alone makes finding the right track actually fun, instead of hours of trolling outdated royalty free music sites that usually have nothing better than old synth tracks that would make an 80’s elevator music producer at Muzak cringe. And at the end of it all, you can actually get a real Commercial License! The bottom line is Vimeo Music Store is putting great music within reach at low cost and that is nothing but awesome. Thanks Vimeo, for helping us make our work better.